League of Champions

 September 16, 2013   Prathamesh Dalvi


Huh!! The magical nights are finally back. The competition for which all the football fans all across, not only Europe but also the entire world, wait eagerly, the holy grail of European club football has returned. Yes, you have guessed it correctly. I am referring to none other than The UEFA Champions League. Europe is […]

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A war on the horizon India Pakistan cricket match

 March 29, 2011   Prathamesh Dalvi

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Huh!! this is it.. The time has come when the men will be separated from the boys. The semi finals of the world cup are here and this is where the consistency and the composure will be tested. To the delight of the millions of fans in the sub-continent, all the sub-continental teams apart from […]

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First Impression(FIFA World Cup 2010 – Review(Group Stages)) Part 2

 June 26, 2010   Prathamesh Dalvi

In the previous post we looked how groups A to D panned out. By the time I am writing this post, the group fixtures in the remaining four groups(E to H) have finished and  the picture of “Round of 16″ is crystal clear. Group E: Almost, all of us would have expected Holland to cruise […]

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First Impression(FIFA World Cup 2010 – Review(Group Stages)) Part 1

 June 24, 2010   Prathamesh Dalvi

Finally the long wait was over and the most awaited sporting event in the world kicked off in South Africa . What a start this has been!!. Yes, the first round of matches were a bit sedate in nature,but the teams could be forgiven for this as they had to acclimatize with the tough conditions.But all […]

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The Cup of Dreams – (FIFA World Cup Preview) Part 2

 June 10, 2010   Prathamesh Dalvi

In the previous post we looked at  “The Usual Suspects” when it comes to picking the favourites for a FIFA world cup. But strangely this time around,its “The Underachievers” who will head into the tournament as the front-runners. Spain are bookmakers’ favourite this time around and we shouldn’t be surprised by that, should we?  At […]

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The Cup of Dreams – (FIFA World Cup Preview) Part 1

 June 8, 2010   Prathamesh Dalvi

When South Africa won the bid to host 2010 world cup, many eyebrows were raised. People  (especially the Europeans) were uncertain about the infrastructure and facilities that need to be provided by “The Rainbow Country”.But the South Africans showed the world that how much love the African continent has for “The Beautiful Game” by completing […]

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UEFA Champions League Review: Meet the friends

 March 2, 2010   Prathamesh Dalvi

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The  UEFA Champions League is back and how!!!!. With new avtar,  Round of 16 matches  were played over the period of two weeks which meant more matches were available for viewing and some of the matches were just perfect for the advertisement of what I feel is the best football competition in the world. Of […]

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EPL Review – Gone in 120 seconds

 September 24, 2009   Prathamesh Dalvi

Last EPL weekend was built around two derbies, Manchester and London. Coincidentally all the previous champions of Premier League except on one occasion have been from these two cities. So the incidents taking place in these derbies are followed with great interest all over the world. Sunday’s Manchester derby between Manchester United and Manchester City […]

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EPL Review – First Impression

 September 7, 2009   Prathamesh Dalvi

The new season of the premiership has begun and how…  There have been some great results, some great matches over the last few weeks. Its pity that there won’t be any EPL matches in the first week of this month because of international matches but this provides a great opportunity to look back on the […]

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Premiership Preview Champions…again ,Don’t think so

 July 31, 2009   Prathamesh Dalvi

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  The start of the English Premiership is still couple of weeks away. But a mad EPL fan which I am, just couldn’t resist him self from writing about it. In these coming weeks we would look at the teams involved in the EPL. We will see how they set up this season. So, Lets […]

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