These are the top 5 Women’s singles ranking in the Badminton World. This Ranking is compiled from the results of events that are sanctioned by the BWF. Rankings maintained by Badminton World Federation

BWF Top 5 Women’s singles ranking

Last updated on Friday, 28th October 2022.

1CHNCHEN Yu Fei83,500
2TPETAI Tzu Ying70,820
3INDPUSARLA V. Sindhu69,140
4KORAN Se Young64,490
5CHNHE Bing Jiao64,260
6THARatchanok INTANON59,920
7CHNWANG Zhi Yi56,930
10CHNHAN Yue48,410

All the ranking are maintain according to the badminton world federation guideline and calculated based on the all event organised by BWF.

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