It’s been more than 8 days and there are many ups and down on the points table. Hyderabad Hotshots are leading the chart with 3 wins in 4 matches and a total of 15 points. A win in Bangalore for Pune Pistons against the Banga Beats, has put them on the second position, almost ensuring a place for them in the semis. Pune Pistons are on the second position with 14 points. Mumbai Masters are on the third spot with 13 points which also ensures a position for them in the semis, considering the fact that they perform well in their last match. We will be reviewing the match i.e., Pune Pistons against Banga Beats and then will be see the preview of upcoming match i.e., between Awadhe Warriors v/s Mumbai Masters.

Pune Pistons v/s Banga Beats (23rd August)

Pune Pistons Supporters

Pune Pistons Supporters during match

It was on their home ground and a must win game for Banga Beats, but they end up losing it and that too with a score of 4-1. It was only the last game of the match i.e., Mixed Doubles which was won by Banga Beats. Before that, all the games were lost by Banga Beats. Anup Sridhar started the proceeding for Pune Pistons against Hu Yun from Banga Beats. He won the game in two straight sets. Then, it was the turn of Women’s Singles and for this there are no issues for Pune Pistons as they have world number 3, Juliane Schenk. She battled against Carolina Martin and won the game in two straight sets. After getting a lead of 2-0, Pune Pistons kept moving on their moving streak till the second last game of the day. For this match, Anup Sridhar was announced as the Vodafone Player of the Tie. This match has ensured a position for Pune Pistons in the semis.

Awadhe Warriors v/s Mumbai Masters (24th August, 2000 hrs)

The game will be held in Bangalore and is a must win for both of them. Yes, it is must win for Mumbai Masters also because if they want to be on the safer side, they need to ensure that they atleast 2 points in this game. Whereas, talking about the Awadhe Warriors, they have not been consistent from the start. They have just won 1 game from their 3 games. They are currently sharing the 4th spot with Banga Beats with 8 points. Even, Krrish Delhi Smashers have also 8 points but they have only 1 game left in their account. So, the main competition is now between Banga Beats and Awadhe Warriors for the final spot in Semis.

To ensure a win for Awadhe Warriors, P.V. Sindhu needs to play a big role in this match, whereas Mumbai Masters have a lot of players in their team who can make a count. Lee Chong Wei and Vladimir Ivanov are best players and their presence in the team will help the team morally. Don’t miss the fun on this weekend; we will be back with more fun and news from INDIAN BADMINTON LEAGUE!