A win for Awadhe Warriors against the Mumbai Beats has given them the perfect fortuitous for making it to semis. They are currently placed on the 4th position with 12 points and a game left, whereas Krrish Delhi Smashers are on 3rd position with 13 points and no game left. At the same time, Banga Beats are on the last position with 9 points and 1 more game to go and that too against the Hyderabad Hotshots who are currently placed at the first position.

In this post, we will be reviewing the previous match i.e., between Banga Beats and Krrish Delhi Smashers and then we will discuss the preview for the game i.e., between Awadhe Warriors and Pune Pistons.

Krrish Delhi Smashers v/s Banga Beats (25th August)

Krrish Delhi Smashers Jwala gutta

Krrish Delhi Smashers Jwala gutta

It was an awesome start by P Kashyap from Banga Beats against B Sai Praneeth from Krrish Delhi Smashers. But then, it was Krrish Delhi Smashers who won all the remaining 4 games in a row. This was their last game in the tournament and they did it in a fashion. They can make it to semis only if Pune Pistons beat Awadhe Warriors by 5 – 0, which seems next to impossible as per now. In the category of Women’s Singles, J Nichaon won against Carolina Marin from Banga Beats. Interestingly, all the last 4 games ended up in 3 sets, which have also happened for the first time in this tournament. At the same time, Banga Beats have a game left with them, but it will be little difficult for them to make it to semis. They will have a target in mind before they will start playing tomorrow. At the max, they can score 14 points and that too if they win all the games tomorrow. H S Prannoy who represents Krrish Delhi Smashers was announced as the Vodafone Player of the Tie for this game.

Awadhe Warriors v/s Pune Pistons (26th August, 2000 hrs)

What a position for Awadhe Warriors on the position. They will be last team to enter the semis after today’s game. To enter into semis, they just need 3 more points to be on the safer side. But if Pune Pistons play brilliantly and wins the game by 4-1, then this will result in a tie for the 4th spot on the points table. Thi

s will result in a very situation in Indian Badminton League. But if Awadhe Warriors manage to get atleast 2 points in this game, they will be through because their nearest competitors won’t be able to get near to it. It will be again the responsibility of P.V. Sindhu to get a win for Awadhe Warriors in the category Women’s Singles. For Pune Pistons, things seem to be very simple. They just need a win and that’s it, they are into the semis. So far, it is going to the most interesting game in Indian Badminton League. So, don’t miss the complete action.