Rohit Sharma is a mystery. He can abandon you wonderstruck with his gifted shots and confused about his express indiscretion. His irregularity may have brought on a ton of open deliberation, yet his ability has never been addressed. Rohit is extremely talented. It is a pleasure to watch him stroke the ball to the limit by making a gap with geometrical accuracy and sheer planning. Legends sing gestures of recognition of his bore independent of their nationality. Too bad, he is a peculiarity of flawlessness.

After making impact in ICC Champions Trophy 2013 he became a regular opener for Indian Cricket team. In 2013, Rohit was elevated to open the innings in the ODI against Australia. He appeared to appreciate that part. He scored two centuries including an innings of 209. It was a defining moment in his profession. The selectors were persuaded of his ability and picked him for the Test group. He didn’t baffle. He scored hundreds of years in his initial two innings. Afterward, in a ODI at the Eden Gardens, he slaughtered the Sri Lankan attack with a 264 off 173 balls. With the talent that he has, he is certainly not doing justice to the game. This results in the team falling short of the target. He needs to be mentally tough to perform steadily.

He presents a lazy elegance which at times is misconstrued as a casual approach. When he under-performs, criticism is much more venomous. In such circumstances, it   s only the thought process that can help. When he bats well to get runs, he must think of the days when he batted well but didn’t  score. This will keep him grounded and composed.

But his flamboyant performance against Bangladesh in semi-final of Champions Trophy gave him extra confidence that will help him playing in a big final against arch-rival Pakistan. Power and beauty mingled as the 29 year old puts another strong display of self-belief and skill, making India firm favourites to retain their title on this Sunday.