We all know De Villers as a batsman,keeper,fielder,bowler etc. Here are some of the amazing facts about him which many of us have not come across.

1.De Villiere s was shortlisted for Junior National Hockey squad

Apart from cricket De Villiers enjoys playing a variety of sports.He made it to the national junior level hockey squad at the age of 12. This triggered him to choose a career in sports and transformed him into DeVilliers of what we see today.

2.He captained the South African Junior Rugby side

Before cricket made inroads rugby was the popular sport among African nations. During his school days De Villiers took part actively in all the fields of sports and he tasted early success in rugby. At a very young age he captained the Junior rugby side which makes him one of the few to do so.


3.Champion in 100m junior athletics

We all know how quick he is between the wickets.Everyone wonder how this man is so athletic while fielding as well as while batting. Some legends even stated the he is not only a superman in batting but also in fielding. Some even said he must have been an athlete before. Yes De villiers once was a champion in junior athletics.He even recorded fastest 100m time in junior athletics.

4.Shortlisted for junior national football squad

Nowadays football is played as a part of warm up.The famous sport is used for training players for their fitness as well as felxibility. Apart from his batting skills he is known for his ability in the field. During his childhood he had a passion towards football. He was even picked for junior national football team.

5.AB De Villiers “The Rockstar”

We all know De Villiers as a batsman and as an athlete. But the other side of him is just as amazing as the side which we all know. He developed a passion towards music from his childhood. He even released an album called “Maak Jou Drome Waar” which means Afrikaans for Make Your Dreams Come True. He along with a famous South African singer Ampie Du Preez released the album in the year 2010. Who knows with his all round talent he might even step into hollywood in the near future.