John Kila alias Kila who is the number one coach in the world, is excited to work in India .It is a new ray of hope for Indian Football. Kila ,who is the coach of west African football Academy. Not only that but also the key pin behind the victory of WAFA in African Championship. The Accre heart is the one who tasted the bitterness of the failure from the WAFA is also a notable thing. Kila is now working as the top brass of the youth development under I league champion Bengal football club. He finds it as cool as well as challenging at the same time. Presently he is sparing time in nabbing the talented youth in Kerala . Ghana is an African country which is under developed country. The poverty and unemployment are key issue they are facing .But it wont shed the spirit of football.In football Ghana is the rising star. Ghanna has bagged the world cup not once but twice in the world cup in the history of the under 17 FIFA world cup .The john Kila had played a pivotal role in coaching the Ghana team. Kila who is one of the expertise hand who spend 8 years in coaching Ghana making them the world champion in the under 17 FIFA cup.The John Killa had been in Japan ,as well as  New Zealand for coaching the talented youth . Apart from the other sports person Kila had different opinion regarding studies. Popular advice of sports is concentrate in it more than studies if you are a sportsperson. But Kila strikes out it and commented that both are considered equal for a sports person. According to him one can concentrate sports but not consider as an excuse in not performing well in the exams. So that he or she can get a better back support even when they can’t do well in the sports. He said it is one of the important point that be adapted form the Ghana and japan football. Bout the financial strategy of the WAFA , it is not considering the fees as key resource. They keep on training the talented youth in the academy and finally these players are being given chance to play for different foot ball club in the country . In return on employing the players , the football team may pay the academy. Thus talent is the only criteria in selection in the academy of Ghana. Now he is in journey of absorbing talented youth in the India for the Bangalore football club under various category. He is now in the rush of conducting various selection camp in Keral, Punjab, Mizoram and Gujarath. Those who get the selection in the regions must again put in to final  selection for the BFC.