UEFA Women's ChampionsBerlin’s Friedrich-Ludwig-Jahn-Sportpark Arena witnessed the victory of the German side 1. FFC Frankfurt last Thursday, May 14, 2015 in the UEFA Women’s Champions League final against their French rivals, Paris Saint-Germain. It was a dramatic 2-1 finish as the winning goal came in the added injury time from substitute Mandy Islacker after Paris had leveled the score before halftime. It was FFC’s fourth title victory in six appearances in the final and 9th title win for women’s Clubs from Germany.

Both sides had made tactical changes in their formations with Frankfurt bringing Bianca Schmidt in at right wing-back while Paris sent Aurelie Kaci into a midfield since their star Caroline Seger was serving a suspension. PSG also had Laura Georges and Josphine Henning on the bench at the start because of fitness issues. In their record sixth final of the UEFA Champions League, Frankfurt made a bright start. They earned a corner in the 2nd minute although it could not be converted. On their part, PSG were able to get the ball more often but FFC deprived them off it and did not allow the Frenchwomen to come anywhere near their goal in the first 20 minutes. In the 8th minute Frankfurt came close to scoring, when they earned a free-kick. Dzsenifer Marozsan’s whipping effort cleared the wall but PSG’s Polish goalkeeper Katarzyna Kiedrzynek made a brilliant save. Celia Sasic made several attempts on the Paris goal but she either missed the target or Kiedrzynek denied her.

In the 32nd minute, however, Celia Sasic succeeded. Kerstin Garefrekes attempted a goal from 25 meters but the ball bounced off the far post. Sasic was anticipating such a thing and she slipped from her marker to jump and head the ball into the corner beyond the reach of Katarzyna Kiedrzynek. The 1-0 lead brought the game alive and PSG went into an overdrive despite getting foiled by Frankfurt defense. In the 40th minute, FFC goalkeeper was tested for the first time as PSG’s Kenza Dali charged in from the left flank and hammered a right-footer from 20 meters. But FFC goalkeeper Desiree Schumann dived in air to clear the ball for a corner to Paris. As Dali sent the corner near the back post, Marie-Laure Delie was ready. She headed the ball in and Desiree Schumann could do nothing about it. PSG had found the much-needed equalizer and they went to the halftime with scores level at 1-1.

As play began after the breather, Sasic got into action and produced a shot to the goal but Kiedrzynek cleared with her feet. Frankfurt had another attempt, when Veronica Boquete connected to a corner but the shot was blocked by Annike Krahn of Paris. In the 66th minute, Paris had a chance, when Laura Georges missed the target, when she jumped to head in a corner coming from the left side. It was a powerful header but it flew wide off the back post. As regulation time approached, the score continued to remain level 1-1. Frankfurt had brought in Mandy Isacker in the 66th minute and she was active since arrival. At the end of 90 minutes, two minutes were added as injury time. As the final whistle was about to be blown, Mandy Isacker became an unlikely Frankfurt hero as she looped in a brilliantly swiveling half-volley to stun Katarzyna Kiedrzynek and send the crowd into a frenzy.