A team fighting to save relegation last season & in next season winning the title. Seems like a plot of excellent Hollywood movie but that isn’t the case here. It’s no movie but reality as Leicester City have created history , they have secured the  Barclays Premier League with 2 matches to spare. The Foxes have turned their dream into reality, they have created a history, a story that the present generation will tell their grandchildren about.

The league victory was confirmed when Spurs their closest rival squandered a 2-0 lead against Chelsea to draw 2-2 and thus ending their own hopes of winning the title. This moment has been defined as the one of the the greatest sporting spectacle ever, A team that started the campaign as 5000-1 odds of winning the League have managed to achieve their dream.

LcLeicester City lost just three matches so far in the league and were the most consistent team in the league. If someone will look closely at their style of play one can see that they have kept it simple throughout the season , Claudio Ranieri has employed a simple  4-4-2 formation, which many believed is old school, but it proved effective as they had a solid defense, they weren’t east to break on the counter and they themselves relied on their forward pace and talent to launch effective counter attacks from long balls.

Along with the brillant tactics one more thing that has really separated Leicester City this year is the passion that they players showed playing each and every match with an attitude to win they played like they could achieve the impossible and in the end they made the dream possible. How else do you explain the performance of player like Vardy who was struggling in non league teams few season back and this season had an impressive tally of 22 goals, he is just 3 goals behind aguero in the race of being the top scorer. Another impressive player for them has been the PFA player of the year Riyad Mahrez  who had an excellent season raking in 17 goals and 11 assist. These are the two players among many in the squad who punched above their weight this season.

Whether or not the foxes can continue this epic run next season , when they will also appear in the champions league for the first time will be a thing to see, But what this victory will do is it will give hope to all the other small and mid size clubs that they can also do it they can also achieve what the foxes have done.

Definitely a story to tell your Children and grandchildren of how a team filled with lesser mortals punched above their weight to achieve what everyone told them was impossible.