The start of the English Premiership is still couple of weeks away. But a mad EPL fan which I am, just couldn’t resist him self from writing about it. In these coming weeks we would look at the teams involved in the EPL. We will see how they set up this season. So, Lets begin the journey.

Whenever, you talk about any game most of the times you talk about the best in the business and Manchester United have been simply the best for the past three seasons. But I think their title defense this season would not be easy at all. The departure of Cristiano Ronaldo to Real Madrid has left a void which is almost impossible to fill. Also United fans’ beloved Carlos Tevez has now joined arch rivals Manchester City.

One would have expected United to make some major signings after the departures of two of the world’s best players. But strangely they have bought Antonio Valencia from Wigan Athletic, a player who has never played for a big club and also they have signed a player who has played for many big clubs like Liverpool and Real Madrid but just fails to play even 80 percent of the games of the season .Yes you are right, we are talking about once one of Europe’s most feared strikers, Michael Owen.


I, in fact almost all of us would have no doubts over the abilities of Michael Owen. But over the past five- six years he has lost his sharpness. So how he lives up to the demands of playing for such a big club remains to be seen. Also being an injury prone, very rarely he would last full 90 minutes. So, manager sir Alex Ferguson would have to use him very carefully, if he wants get most out of him.

This season in the absence of Ronaldo, Wayne Rooney will be their key player. Past records have shown whenever Rooney doesn’t play United find it very difficult to win a football match. He along with Dimitar Berbatov would be lead the attack for the Red Devils and United will rely heavily on both of  them for goals .They haven’t lost any other players, so rest of the departments don’t need any change .Especially their defense which for me is the best in Europe if not in the world. Really it is this rare guard which has been their secret of success over the last few seasons.  Though, they still have enough talent up their sleeves to go all the way, it will be very interesting to see how Sir Alex uses his options and how they will shape up this season especially up front.

 Season’s predictions: This might just be the season when United’s winning streak might come to an end. If you ask me where they would finish this season, I would say 2nd. ( I know United fans will have different opinion, comments are welcome).