Cristiano Ronaldo-Gareth Bale Real Madrid

Cristiano Ronaldo-Bale Real Madrid

Yup, it’s the talk of the summer, and everyone’s business – Gareth Bale`s move to Real Madrid, with a record-breaking deal. And after the deal is sealed, and the transfer rumors are over, it’s finally time to play.

There, on the sidelines, before Gareth Bale entered the field on Sunday, the big question weighed on him – IS HE WORTH 100 MIL? Is anyone on Earth worth so much money? Football is money, and thus, the amount of money is measured by the quality you show out there. A quality for millions and millions of euros.

Real Madrid already knows it. The truth is, if any club can handle millions of euros of quality, that is Real Madrid – sometimes successfully, sometimes not, but with overall positive sign. The world knows it, and hates it. And that’s why everyone anticipated Bale’s debutant’s ball – half of them secretly hoping he’s going to fail.

And then, Gareth started the game, as he has never been anywhere else, but on Bernabeu turf. It never looked like the Welshman is nervous or scared. Nothing like that. He looked like himself, and proved his class. The superstar quality a few players have – performing on high level no matter the team, no matter the opponent, no matter the circumstances – he has it in him. And he is not alone.

Cristiano Ronaldo held Bale’s hand on first practice, and both scored a day later. They are both players of superstar quality – a combination, that would be explosive in a little while. Gelling together is the key, but it would happen fast. Because they are young, furious and hungry for wins.

Yes, Gareth Bale scored in debut and performed well, despite his Real only getting a tie against Villareal. But big games are yet to come, and Bale needs to keep going and going.

Real paid the money, and now Bale is their money. Their best investment in a while.

And actually, Real Madrid had started cashing in on Gareth the minute the transfer was announced. The `11` shirt was flying off the shelves, the `Bale` scarves covered Bernabeu in just some hours. So money started flowing back to Real. And they won’t stop, till Bale don’t stop.