This heading may often create confusion among the readers.It is true but the opponent is not any member of the parliament but the ill treat for the countries sports persons. She was  currently nominated to the Rajya Sabha  by the government and approved by the honorable president of the India as the nominated member of Rajya sabha. During  her question she pointed out the needs of the sports person in the country. The Olympics medal winner of the 2012 summer Olympics show the same spirit which she shows in the boxing ring at  the Rajya Sabha .

Mary Kom is pride for india as bringing medal to motherland from Olympics .She was born at Manipur in the year 1983 March 1 and had inspired the women in whole world by her talents in the boxing ring.She had started her career under difficult condition .The family as well as friends are the source of support to her .When the trainers also joined their hands with the journey then it finally turned to be a huge success.She had her marriage at 2005 with   Onler Kom. The encouragement from him fuelled the dreams of the Olympics medal .She not only work hard but believe in herself which in turn help her in scoring a medal at the respective event.

The extra ordinary sports persons are nominated from the society who shows great excellence in her or his career. This practice of the Indian democracy to bring their voice which represent sports to the arene. Not only form the sports but also from arts ,music and such other fields .So the government can have a better look on the areas.In the case of Mary the decision of the government proved to be right compared to her performance in the Rajyasabha.

She told that the sports person are lagging behind good training as well as good trainers.The government must put their immediate care in the area and bring necessary change.She also pointed out the need of correct timing of food. Food were given to the athlete just before the match. This not only affect the performance but also their health as the food plays a crucial role IN the sports.Also inclusion of better nutritious items in the menu also be needed for the sports persons.Both the members showed their support to the Mary without having a discrimination as ruling party or opposition party.Every member thumped the dusk to express the support to her .T the reply to the query the minister of the state for sports that the government had already spent rupees 30 lakh to one crore for the betterment of the sportsperson and added that the