Born in Chennai to a Maalyali Syrian Christian family, Dipika Rebecca Pallikal in an accomplished Indian squash player. Born into a family of sportsmen including Indian woman cricket team’s captain as her mother, a state level athlete as her grandmother, Services national High Jump Champion as her paternal grandfather, and a seasoned basketball player as her maternal grandfather, Dipika has sportsmanship in her genes. After realising her love for squash and winning the first Indian Juniors national Title in 2002, Dipika became so determined to excel in Squash that she left India and settled all the way to Egypt to get apt training under Amir Wagih, the Egyptian team coach. She is one of the few Indian women who at a very young age has not only won numerous international titles but at the same time also maintained an excellent world ranking.

Dipika Pallikal Dipika displayed her strength and determination to excel at a very young age when she played in the British Open with her injured back. After winning the Arjuna Award for squash in 2012, Dipika emerged victorious in a series of tournaments including the 2011 United States Orange County Open, 2011 united States Dreads Sports Series, 2011 Netherlands World Open Quarterfinal , 2012 United States Tournament of Champions Runner Up, 2013 Canada Meadwood Pharmacy Open winner, 2013 Macau Squash Open Winner. Apart from these recent credentials, Dipika also won the German Open, Australian Open, Dutch Open, and Scottish Open on the European Junior Squash Circuit.

Dipika has not looked back right from the time she won her first Indian Juniors Nationals title in 2006. Dipika has also been listed as one of the Top 10 Beautiful Women by Forbes. She actually became the first woman who has reached the Summit clash of a silver event in January 2012 in the New York Tournament of Champions squash meet. She is also the first Indian woman to reach the Semi- Finals of a gold event in the 2012 Australian Open. Dipika was not only the highest ranked Indian squash player but she was also World number 1 in the under 19 squash player category.

On the personal front, Dipika is engaged to cricketer Dinesh Kartik. Apart from playing squash this South Indian beauty is a self confessed foodie, and also loves wielding the ladle. Dipika enjoys reading too and her favourite books are “Rafa” by Rafael Nadal and “Open” by Andre Agassi. Despite her busy schedule she loves catching up a movie whenever she gets the opportunity. In an orthodox society like India, Women like Dipika stand tall as an epitome of strength and beauty who has achieved all that she desired. She is an inspiration for millions of Indian women who aspire to fulfil their dreams despite being confined to the four walls of household. Dipika’s family has always been her greatest strength and support and families in India too should understand that if their daughter has the dream and determination to stand apart and pursue a career, they should always stand beside her instead of pulling her back.