5. Upper cut (Virender Sehwag):

The dashing opener might have made a mark by playing some scintillating knocks, but it is this shot which became his trademark one. It started way back in 2003 where he launched Shoaib Akhtar’s 145+kmph delivery over third man for a six. Even the master blaster enjoyed it from the other side. Since then it has been his trademark shot and also got the name Upar cut in Hindi.


4. Lap shot (Ab De Villiers):

You might think that what’s so special about this shot since it has become a frequently used one in modern-day cricket. Well the Lap shot played by De Villiers is extra special. Everyone wonders how he got the name Mr.360. It is because of this shot which he plays over the keepers head. Even if he gets into an awkward position he manages to fetch boundaries using the Lap shot. He started using it frequently in IPL and the most memorable moment came when he played the lap shot over the keeper’s head for a six off his fellow South African teammate Dale Steyn.

3. Switch Hit (Kevin Pietersen):

We all know about the aggression of Pietersen. But in the late 2008 we came to know about the innovative side of him. He stunned the world by hitting a six in the left-handed stand. Before the ball has been released, he switches his stands from left to right and slogs it. It looks more of the modified version of the reverse sweep. The shot drew heaps of praises from around the world and soon it became a part of his armoury. Many players tried to play it, but none could do it to perfection. David Warner is the only other player who have played it to perfection.

2. Paddle Sweep (Sachin Tendulkar):

You may wonder why I put this ahead of the Switch and lap shot. Well the other shots compared to this are risk free one. Sachin started to play this early in 2000’s. When the ball is pitched outside leg he used to guide it behind the keeper rather than playing the sweep. People still remember how he negotiated the threat of Shane Warne on a turning track using paddle sweep. The shot can be dangerous at times. Many players while in trying to play this shot have often been bowled or top edged.

1.Helicopter Shot (MS Dhoni) :

For Decades Yorker was considered as the best delivery to bowl at the death.But to someone like Dhoni even the yorker failed. He started playing it in 2006 when he launched one over the mid wicket off James Anderson. Soon the shot became his signature shot. While playing the shot he used his wrists to rotate the bat and flick it onto the leg side. He gives a complete rotation while playing it giving it a resemblance to the wings of a helicopter. This shot drew him a lot of attention and fans all over the world.