As the saying goes when the Going gets Tough, The Tough gets going. Cristiano Ronaldo Proved his mettle once again in a crunch Situation, When he put in an inspired Performance to take Portugal in the Final of Euro 2016. In the semis the match was billed as a battle between two real madrid stars Cristiano Ronaldo and Gareth Bale it was the former who came Out on Top.

The first half began brightly for wales with  Wales enjoying possession and looking threatening in attack.  Portugal in first half were struggling with meaningless crosses to Ronaldo in the box, and were lucky to go into the break with the scores still tied at 0-0.

In 2nd half the Best Sriker of the World Rose above all to head a bullet header in the 5oth minute from a cross by Guerreiro to give Portugal a lead. And before Wales could regroup they scored another barely 3 minutes after the Goal, Ronaldo mishit a low shot but the ball fell directly in the path of advancing winger Nani who slided the ball  in the back of the net. With the Score 2-0 it was all but over for wales.


Wales tries their best after that but it was never their night, With Aaron Ramsey Missing from the action Wales looked like they have a lost  a wheel from their car and were driving a tireless. Maybe just Maybe if Aaron Ramsey wasn’t  suspended We would have had a whole Different situation all Together.Bale as usual had a great match but just couldn’t find that one magical moment which wales desperately needed.


With this one more fairytale comes to an end, This past few weeks would have been like a dream for every wales player, staff and fans, something which they will remember for the rest of their lives. They gave us a lot of moments , none greater than their celebration when England were knocked out by Iceland.