All this time spent playing games wont pay you money !! Admit it We all have heard that line from our parents while we are glued to the screen playing our games.We used to have no response that back then. But now all that will change thanks to India’s first esports league the Indian Gaming league.

E-sports or Electronic sports is now one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Tournaments such as ‘DreamHack Winter  (CS:GO)’ for the game, Counter Strike Global offensive  offers $ $250,000.00 as prize money to highlight the participation and the sport’s growth as a spectator-based entity. Esports has seen a phenomenal rise in countries such as USA , South Korea etc.

The Indian Gaming League (IGL) is an esports league launched by Krish Galani and Yash Pariani with the aim to  unite the various scattered communities within India’s esporting landscape. Indian Gaming League (IGL), which offers the country’s gamers a chance to earn a living out of their hobby.

Yash Pariani (23), co-founder of IGL had this to say

The gaming community in India is small and isolated. But they have the potential and the skills set to compete internationally. Indian gamers lack the infrastructure, too,Our main attempt is to unite the country’s gamers by creating an avenue of earning money for them. Competitive gaming has existed in India for a long time now. But, there was no structure to it. We are attempting to change that. our main aim is to teach parents that esports or gaming can be a job. If you see our ad, it’s targeting the parents, showing them that people can earn money out of this.”

The tournament itself will be divided into stages, online and offline, players/teams will fight it out against each other to earn ‘pro points.’ The one with the highest number of points will qualify for the offline finals. The games chosen for initial stage are FIFA, DOTA and CS:GO.

GAMING_GLUE_jpgThe league has also tied up with renowned US esports company, Major League Gaming (MLG), who boast of 20 million users and 1.3 million twitter followers. IGL co-founder Krish said, “They will be helping us with the broadcast/stream elements. Their platform will be used for our streams and also publicising our event. They are really excited about the prospect.”“We will host weekly events at Hoppipola (Khar and Powai outlets) for the online league, so that the gamers can meet each other and a stronger community can be formed,” says Gilani. For FIFA, a monthly event at the Intercontinental Hotel, Marine Drive, will be organised. “We will provide the consoles and all other hardware required,” assures his co-founder Pariani.

The offline model, is loosely based on the highly popular cricket tournament, the Indian Premier League (IPL), with city and game-specific franchises (for example, Fifa Kolkata or CoD Mumbai) vying for the right to compete or represent India in international competitions, including the Major League Gaming or the MLG, one of the biggest eSports competitions in the world.The league says it has tied up with beverage giants RedBull, Sony and Paytm on sponsorship deals. And though none of the franchise has been confirmed to be sold , there are rumors that several high profile bollywood stars and businessman have purchased the team.

Gamer’s across the country are quite optimistic about the league and feel this might just be the push that the Indian Gaming market needs right now.

So if you want to join the league head over to the IGL Site here

Here’s the promo video for IGL