A look at some of the top players competing at the US Open 2016.Here are the top 5 Contenders for the title.

1.Novak Djokovic

For the past 3 years it’s been all about Djokovic. The Serbian’s rise has been incredible that he has achieved almost everything.But it’s been a quite disappointing season for him.His Wimbledon defence hopes were crashed as he was eliminated by a lower seed player in the third round.Olympic medal dreams were ruined as he exited in the very first round.But since then he has been working on his fitness and game to revive from this horrific period.He still remains the no 1 contender for this year’s US Open due to his accomplishments and fighting spirit which makes him a world-class player of this generation.

2.Andy Murray

The Scottish star has been phenomenal player for the past 2 years.He is the current champion of this year’s Wimbledon and came 2nd best in French and Australian Open.The biggest barrier standing in front of him is the current world no 1 Djokovic. His head to head against Novak hasn’t been impressive as the Serbian leads in no of wins.But many Tennis stars and pundits believe that this could be the time where Murray can topple the Serbian as his form has dipped.

 Andy Murray Fights

3.Roger Federer

legendary Federer hasn’t been able to find his midas touch again.His form has dipped in the past 3-4 years.The 35 year old Swiss Sensational is a regular semifinalist but couldn’t find his old spark back to turn that into glory.He came close in winning a record Wimbledon last year but couldn’t as his fitness and game has come down.Many analysts and former stars believe that his age is the biggest negative factor which is acting as the barricade from him and titles.But all this cannot rule him out of the equation as he has come out of similar situations with flying colors in the past.

Roger Federer -US Open

4.Rafael Nadal

Nadal’s form has dipped since his return from the career threatening injury.He has been rusty throughout the season as well as in Olympics.The spaniard broke the deadlocks 7 years back by defeating Federer in some of the biggest tournaments.He ruled the tennis world since then and has accomplished quite a lot of glories.2 years back he had a setback due to a back injury.He looked a different Nadal as the injury caused a lot of problems in his fitness and game.But the Spaniard is now fit and is raring to go.This year’s US open could a turnaround tournament for him.

Rafael Nadal5.Jo-Wilfred Tsonga

The french men has been known all over the world for his raw power that he possess.His forehand is so fierce that even world-class players have struggled to get through it.He came into limelight 2 years back when he defeated some of the big names across tournaments. He also finished as a semifinalist in last year’s Wimbledon.His skills inside the court has been lauded by many pundits.He could give some serious threats to the other contenders due to the skills and power  that he possessnull.

Jo-Wilfred Tsonga