Vijender Singh maintained his  unbeaten record at Pro Boxing Beating Kerry Hopes of Australia (98-92, 98-92, 100-90) To take his record to 7-0 and Win the WBO Asia Pacific super middleweight belt.

The biggest pro boxing event in India lived up to its top billing as great boxing action was served to the millions of viewers who followed it on television and in Thyagaraj Sports Complex in Delhi by Australian Kerry Hope and India’s Vijender Singh. Both the Boxers put their best foot forward right from the starting round and what followed was an absolute world-class performance which left the crowd awestruck.

Both the players started the First Round Cautiously, measuring each other and studying their opponent move, it was in the second round that the Punches started floating around more quickly and frequently, with Vijender  landing a  big right hook on Hope.Hope bounced back quickly in the third round as the 30 year old Singh looked flustered at the end of round.In the 4th Round Hope had to deal with a  deep cut just under his right eye, from one of Singh’s Vicious attack.

After that there were was no holding back as both the boxers came out in full flow attacking with all might, However it was the desi lad who took the advantage in the sixth round hitting hope with two back-to-back punches, followed by another hit. Hope tried to make a comeback in the next rounds and was going good until the 9th round in which Vijender once again dominated to crush any hope for Hopes Victory.

As the Final round begin the crowd which included famous personalities from sports and Bollywood  started cheering to celebrate Vijender’s victory.

After the Victory an emotional Vijender dedicated this win to India & Muhammad Ali and said

Thank you India, Thank you so much. It is all about the nation, our country, finally we did it.

Twitter also hailed the Indian for his fantastic achievement, here are some of the funniest and best tweet.