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Follow the below guideline to  submit a sport article, Stats or latest news or media content. Once submitted, you can continue editing your piece till it has been published on Kridangan. We usually get back to a submission within 48 hours, however, please feel free to write to us using contact form in case you don’t hear from us within 48 hours.

Before you submit

1) No plagiarism + proper sourcing

Plagiarism or copying content that other people have written is nothing less than stealing. Make sure your articles are written by you and not someone else, and in case you add quotes/sources/facts/stats they are properly sourced with relevant source links given in the submission.

2) Word limit:

In case you are submitting an article, the word limit should not be more than 700 words. Ensure that your article is not monotonous and go by these principles while writing.

If you’re submitting an informative story on athletics or Interviews, feel free to go beyond the word limit as long as you ensure lack of monotony.

3) Photo/video:
To send photos – use the below “Article Images links” text box . For multiple, high-quality photos, please email us  with a download link or as attachments.

4) If published previously:

If your post has been published previously on your own blog, then don’t submit that article. We don’t accept previously published content