Eurobasket 2013 poster

Eurobasket 2013 reached new levels of social networking

 October 1, 2013   Maria Mitsova

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The 2013 European basketball championship in Slovenia might be remembered as the first one to be completely covered by the social media cloud. With Twitter developing every day new circles of connections, Eurobasket 2013 used it to reach out to media and people on another level. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube were constantly updated from the FIBA […]

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EuroBasket2013 France winning Team

Eurobasket 2013: When the players do the talking

 September 28, 2013   Maria Mitsova

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Great coaches make great players. Talent, work, and good coaching is what it takes to climb up the ladder.When it comes to National teams though, we might have witnessed something different. I can’t claim to be the best analyst in the business of basketball writing, and there are surely thousands of experts to make better […]

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Photo from EuroBasket 2013

Turkey and Russia fall in flames out of Eurobasket 2013

 September 16, 2013   Maria Mitsova

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Turkey and Russia may as well compete who is the bigger disappointment on Eurobasket 2013.Both teams left for Slovenia with great expectations, and came back home after just one week of the tournament. Both were placed in the same group, together with Greece, Italy, Finland and Sweden, with the three best to move to the […]

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