Chinese F1 Grand Prix

Chinese F1 Grand Prix: Hamilton Tops at Shanghai, Rosberg Second, Vettel Third

 April 14, 2015   R K Gupta

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After Sebastian Vettel’s victory in the Malaysian GP last fortnight, the issue of tyre-management during the race has suddenly acquired prominence. In season’s third F1 GP at Shanghai, most pre-race debate was focused on the new buzzword of Tyre-Management. Analysts talked about Ferrari’s lighter-tyre strategy employed in the previous race and whether Mercedes drivers could […]

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F1 Recap: World Title Race between Hamilton & Rosberg Will Go Down to the Wire in Abu Dhabi

 November 21, 2014   R K Gupta

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The last race of 2014 F1 season comes up at Abu Dhabi during November 21-23, 2014. Barring unforeseen circumstances, the two top contenders for the title of 2014 World Champion are headed for a photo-finish. The Mercedes teammates; Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg, are also the sport’s bitterest rivals and after the Brazilian GP, 17 […]

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Rollicking Rosberg Holds Nerves to Keep Hamilton at Bay in Brazil

 November 14, 2014   R K Gupta

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It is now down to the last race at Abu Dhabi in two weeks’ time. The two Mercedes drivers are locked in the world championship battle with full knowledge of their current standings. Rosberg had last won at the German GP in July and by his victory on Sunday, he broke the streak of Hamilton’s […]

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Rosberg-Hamilton Collision Overshadows Daniel Ricciardo Victory in the Belgian GP on Sunday

 August 26, 2014   R K Gupta

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The entire 2014 F1 season has belonged to the deep rivalry between Mercedes team-mates Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton. The two guys have a major share of podium finishes in this funny season, where other drivers have been kept away from the limelight, despite odd victories in some F1 races. It happened at Hungary and […]

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Rosberg and Hamilton Finish 1-2 in Pole and Race at Monaco But Their Rivalry Sours Further

 May 27, 2014   R K Gupta

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Monaco GP is the most glamorous Formula one race and also one of the most eagerly awaited sporting event in European summer. With VIP Terrace tickets for the main event priced at 2500 euros, the GP attracts millionaires, royalties, film stars and hordes of other international celebrities. The world-famous GP circuit has remained unchanged for […]

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