Ivory Coast and Ghana to contest Africa Cup of Nations Final

Ivory Coast and Ghana to contest Africa Cup of Nations Final amid disturbing semi-final scenes

 February 7, 2015   John Welsh

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It would be a shame if the crowd disturbances which marred the Africa Cup Of Nations second semi-final match were to overshadow the fact that two neighbouring football-crazy nations have reached in the final of a tournament which has improved significantly in terms of entertainment since the knockout phase began. Each of the games since […]

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World Cup 2014

World Cup 2014: Germany appear ominously strong as African challenge withers

 June 18, 2014   John Welsh

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Now that every team has played in the 2014 World Cup tournament, arguably the most impressive team has been Germany after they defeated Portugal 4-0 without having to exert maximum power. However, the Ivory Coast apart, the African challenge seems to be weaker than anticipated which suggests that the much vaunted idea of a team […]

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Didier Drogba

The Didier Drogba Effect In Ivory Coast’s Win over Japan

 June 15, 2014   R K Gupta

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Already a legend in African football, Didier Drogba continues to inspire his country’s young footballers. A veteran of three world cups, the 36-year old Drogba brought magic to the game from the time he took to the field. For the better part of Ivory Coast’s match with Japan, however, Drogba sat on the bench watching […]

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