World Chess Cup 2015

Svidler Beats Karjakin in Second Game Needs a Draw to Clinch Baku’s 2015 World Chess Cup

 October 4, 2015   R K Gupta

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Peter Svidler had Black pieces in the second game and he would have been content to draw with Sergey Karjakin. But to Svidler’s great advantage, Karjakin committed a few avoidable blunders and lost. None of the experts or the commentators could have conjured the outcome, when Svidler opted for the Breyer Ruy Lopez. Svidler didn’t […]

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FIDE World Chess Cup

Peter Svidler Leads Sergey Karjakin 1-0 After First Game of FIDE World Chess Cup Final

 October 2, 2015   R K Gupta

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Azerbaijan used to be a part of USSR until August 1991 and as per a Soviet-time legend, every cab driver played better chess than most of the Western Grand Masters. Azerbaijani capital, Baku is, therefore a chess city and it is apt that the 2015 FIDE World Chess Cup is being held there. Now, however, […]

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