FIFA U-17 Women’s 2014

Japanese Angels Crowned FIFA U-17 Women’s 2014 World Cup Champions

 April 5, 2014   R K Gupta

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After displaying their superior football skill for over two weeks in Costa Rica, the Japanese U-17 women emerged as worthy winners of 2014 World Cup. For the umpteenth time in the tournament, Captain Hina Sugita was named as the player of the match. The little bundle of Japanese dynamo, moved around purposefully and her combination […]

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Costa Rica

Hidden Gems of Women’s U-17 World Cup at Costa Rica as Tournament Nears Knock-out Phase

 March 27, 2014   R K Gupta

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The FIFA U-17 Women’s World Cup has had a festive first week at Costa Rica, where young women are playing some serious football. Japan, Mexico, Nigeria, Venezuela, Italy and Ghana were the six teams that had sailed through to the quarterfinals by Saturday. In the remaining league matches on Saturday night, Canada was the next […]

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FIFA Under-17

FIFA’s Year of Two World Cups and One of Them Gets Underway Tonight

 March 16, 2014   R K Gupta

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While the whole world waits for June 2014, when the year’s biggest sporting event unfolds at Brazil, scores and scores of bright little angels will be seen storming on the football fields of Costa Rica from tonight. A new sporting chapter will be appended in the football history books of Costa Rica, where the fourth […]

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