World Cup 2018 qualification draw

UEFA section of World Cup 2018 qualification draw affected by suspicious FIFA rankings

 July 28, 2015   John Welsh

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At the conclusion of the weekend qualifying draw for the World Cup to be staged in Russia during 2018, the UEFA section provided some rather intriguing groups with Spain and Italy paired amongst others in Group G while Netherlands will play two games against France as they seek a successful outcome from Group A. Yet […]

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FIFA Jittery With Brazil’s World Cup Preparations

 February 25, 2014   R K Gupta

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With a little over 100 days remaining for 2014 Brazil World Cup, several thorny issues continue to plague FIFA management on the state of the host nation’s preparedness for football’s biggest 4-yearly event. With national economy in doldrums, Brazil is found wanting on unfinished stadiums, avoidable construction site fatalities and security issues. As of December […]

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The Intriguing Process of Final Draw for FIFA World Cup 2014 in Brazil

 November 24, 2013   R K Gupta

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After over two years of qualifying rounds featuring 207 nations and 816 matches, the end came last Wednesday with Uruguay qualifying as the 32nd and final team to clinch a place for 2014 World Cup in Brazil. Except the debutant Bosnia-Herzegovina, most of the favorites cemented their places, including eight former world champions. Ukraine were […]

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Cristiano Ronaldo during World Cup Play-off match

UEFA World Cup Play-off drama may affect moral at club level

 November 21, 2013   John Welsh

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Following a dramatic night of World Cup play-off action in Europe, four teams emerged to join the nine group winners as UEFA representatives in the 2014 summer tournament to be staged in Brazil. The victories of Greece and Croatia were perhaps fairly predictable but for the other two ties, the impact may not just affect […]

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UEFA World Cup

UEFA World Cup play-offs contrast with qualification elsewhere

 November 17, 2013   John Welsh


As the main football leagues in Europe have a free weekend with international football taking centre stage, World Cup qualification suddenly becomes thrust into the spotlight. For those countries involved in the UEFA procedure, it is a fairly routine method with nine group winners and the victors of four play-off matches between the eight best […]

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Ronaldo or Ibrahimovic

Ronaldo or Ibrahimovic – You Cannot Have Them Both in Brazil!!

 October 25, 2013   R K Gupta

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The irony of World Cup qualifying rounds has brought Portugal and Sweden face-to-face for two play-off games on November 15 and 19. Cristiano Ronaldo and Zlatan Ibrahimovic are football’s two superstars, and football fans, around the world, will be disappointed that only one of them will be seen playing in Brazil World Cup next year. […]

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2014 FIFA World Cup

A Trivia For the Fans of World Cup Football

 October 20, 2013   R K Gupta

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Football is played as a competitive sport in more than 220 countries, of which 209 are affiliated to FIFA, the globally recognized governing body of football. All FIFA members are eligible to participate in the World Cup, which is the most celebrated sporting event every four years. But the numbers stated here are surprising because […]

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ticket to brazil 2014 football world cup

UEFA World Cup groups reveal the stronger European teams

 September 11, 2013   John Welsh

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With the final set of fixtures earmarked for October, the UEFA World Cup qualifying groups are rapidly gathering shape as the stronger European teams build seemingly impregnable leads at the head of their tables. Although Spain need to win their remaining two home fixtures to qualify, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands and Italy are also reinforcing their […]

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