Could Andy Murray become the greatest tennis player on the planet? Well, that looks like a very plausible occurrence with the way things are going. In fact, looking at the sportsbetting lines, Andy Murray’s reign could start sooner rather than later.

Andy Murray has been on fire for quite a few years; however, with the sorts of stars that were always standing ahead of him, blocking his path to the top, no one ever believed he could ever become the world’s best player.

That isn’t to say that anyone really doubted Andy Murray’s abilities. However, his rivals, those tennis players ranked ahead of him boasted such incredible talent that Andy’s own skills pretty much paled in comparison.

However, Andy could make history soon by becoming the first Scotsman to claim the title of Best Tennis Player in the world.

Andy’s dream to become the best edged that much closer when he attained victory in Vienna. No longer can people afford to dismiss his objective as little more than a pipe dream.

The Vienna Open Victory on Sunday brought Andy Murray that much closer to finally surpassing Novak Djokovic and becoming the best. Andy’s opponent was JO-Wilfried Tsonga.

Andy Murray Vienna Open Trophy

Andy Murray Vienna Open Trophy

Tsonga lost to Andy on Sunday, allowing him to seal his 7th tournament of the season. He is now within touching distance of the summit in men’s tennis. There is no denying the fact that Andy is a force to be reckoned with, one capable of taking on the best and coming out on top.

Novak looked like he was unassailable at one point. In fact, it seemed to all following Tennis at the time that Novak was actually beginning to pull away from everyone. Looking at the pair of Grand Slams he secured early in the season at the Australian and French Opens, Novak was all but unstoppable.

In fact, more than merely winning those Grand Slams, Novak defeated Andy twice in the final to claim both accolades.

It is a testament to Andy’s strength that he quickly bounced back from the losses; as things stand, Andy looks to be having best season yet as a pro. So far, Andy has won Wimbledon for the second time. He also took home a second gold medal at the Olympics in Rio, this along with winning Queen’s Club again.

Before the Vienna win, Andy had already gained victory in Beijing and Shanghai; Andy is currently 415 points behind his rival. His record is decent and there is every reason to believe that Andy will close the gap in the long run and surpass Novak as the best.

Of the last thirty sets he has contested, Andy has only lost two. Andy is destined to make his mark in the world of Tennis because he is very consistent. The Tennis athlete has complete command over his skills and that has allowed him to attain victory against some truly difficult opponents.

Andy reached the No.2 spot in 2009. In fact, he spent 76 weeks as the second best player in the world. If Novak is unable to reach the Final of the Paris Masters this week and Andy wins the event, he will become number 1.

Novak has achieved victory at the Paris Masters four times in the past, this while a title at the event has repeatedly eluded Andy; as such, winning this time will come as an astounding shock, one that people will remember for years to come.