Andy Murray and Novak Djokovic, two of the best tennis players in the world right now. Will not represent their countries in the quarter-finals of the Davis Cup, which will be held in Belgrade this weekend. While their absence will make a difference in the online tennis betting odds, not too many people will complain because both men have earned some relaxation time.

Murray just won his second Wimbledon title this past weekend, so it is understandable that he would want to take some time off to heal from the rigorous two weeks spent playing at the All England Club.


Djokovic was eliminated before the finals, but he had played in six consecutive finals before his early exit at Wimbledon, and also deserved to take some time off to heal mentally and physically.

Murray lifted the spirits of his British teammates on Thursday when he showed up to the team’s camp, but the team would rather have him available to help them defend their championship. While Murray has confirmed that he is definitely not playing this weekend, he hasn’t ruled out a return if the team advances to the next round.

Andy murryThis will mark the first time in three years that Murray isn’t playing for the British team.

Djokovic, who is known to be a very patriotic man, has not yet given a reason for his decision not to play this weekend. In the past, he credited the Serbian Davis Cup team for helping him rise to the top of the tennis world, so it obviously means a lot to him.

There have been some rumors of off-course troubles after Djokovic lost to Sam Querrey in the third round of Wimbledon, but they have been dismissed by people close to Djokovic. After losing at Wimbledon, Djokovic hinted that he was dealing with some injuries, but he refused to elaborate.

The most likely explanation for Djokovic’s absence from the Davis Cup team is mental fatigue after the incredible calendar year he has had.

After defeating Milos Raonic to win Wimbledon on Sunday, Murray said it was unlikely that he would be able to play do quickly and make a successful adjustment from grass to clay, and also go back to the hard court which has to do when he goes to Rio for the Olympics.

Team captain Leon Smith said Murray was disappointed he couldn’t play because Murray loves the Davis Cup, his teammates, and the staff that they have. Smith also said Murray’s teammates are all happy that he decided to come and cheer the team from the sidelines, saying it gives the players a boost.

In preparation for the Olympics, where Murray will be defending his Gold medal, he will play in the Rogers Cup in Toronto, which begins on July 23.

The last time Djokovic spoke to reporters was when he was leaving the All England Club. At the time, he said he has a family and life outside of tennis and just needs to get some rest and get away from tennis.

Before Wimbledon started, Djokovic spoke to the Guardian and said he wasn’t sure if he would play in the Davis Cup after the tournament, even though it was being held in the city where he was born.