England outclassed Australia with a score of 69-25  in a group “A” match tonight at Ahmedabad in the 2016  World Cup Tournament tonight.

 The main architect of England’s win was raider Tope who alone scored 20 points for his team.

He was followed by another raider, Keshav Gupta who bagged eight points and after him came Captain Someshwar Kalia who got his team eight points.

With this,win England has reached the fourth place in the points table for Group “A.

This group is led by Korea followed by India and Bangladesh.

Kabaddi World Cup Eng vs AusOne reason for Australia’s  defeat was its poor defence which was unable to tackle raiders from England. Kalia was also successful in making four pursuits which fetched his team important points.

The pursuits showed that he was alert on the field and looking for all opportunities to score. A important aspect of the match was that England scored an All-Out over Australia on five occasions.

Of these three were in the first half and the remaining two in the second. The half-time score in this match was 35-11 in England’s favour.

England began dominating the match right from the start and went on increasing its lead with every passing minute.During the first half, Tope got 11 points for his team while Keshav got five. Keshav was followed by Kalia who got two points.