Love in the time of cholera is quite often a popular tittle of the famous write Gabriel José de la Concordia Garcia Marquez. In the story the writer talk about the love of two old age people at time of the cholera . The writer is pretty well-known for his writing style. He is also called the father of magical realism. The story teach about the strong love and affection. The Gabriel José de la Concordia Garcia Marquez  feels in the trouble when he hears the real life time story that take place in the Olympics.

Every one can have a love story in their life but it’s quite often. But the love story in the Olympics is quite unique and have no chance to occur in the future. The real life story that happens in the 2016 Rio Olympics. Most probably  the players feel sad if they or their team fails in the competition. If it is Olympics then it cannot be imagined. The dramatic life incident take place after the finals of the rugby competition in the Olympics. The Brazilian women team face the bitter failure from the Australian team. They lose fighting harder but they fail that  too between cup and lip. Yes in the finals. Every where there is an air of depression  in the Brazilian team. The announcement regarding the failure has been delivered by the speaker. But later to that again the loudspeaker speaks. But now it is not about the stress full result or time tables of any great battle. It is all about the true love. The speaker now is the volunteer in the stadium of the Brazil .She express the love towards Serillo , the lead payer in the Brazilian Rugby women team. She is at that time in the mood of sadness. But while hearing the news if love she is excited and also accept it. Soon the announcement, Enya came down .Both of them express the love towards each other in the form kiss. The whole world stands struck for a moment. later the media person finds their chance to report it to the other part of the world. Both of them living together for the past two years. The Serillo has citizenship in the america too. While she is looking for the studies  in the america, she went through the news for the selection to the Brazilian Rugby team. Then she  gives a small break to her american dream and joined the team. Her performed end in the in of best player in the Brazilian Rugby women team. These days Serillo was with the Enya. Enya who tried hard to be the volunteer in the Olympics after hear the news of the Serillo’s entry to the Olympics. Finally their love came to success