Hull City to Be Bought china

Hull City to Be Bought by a Chinese Consortium for $159m

 October 22, 2016   kridangan

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Hull City is currently in a preliminary agreement with a Chinese consortium to acquire the English Premier League football club for a sum of $159m as soon as English football authorities approve the deal. The Chinese have continued to have profound interest in EPL clubs and the latest takeover gesture at Hull City points towards […]

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Meyler actions should not be ignored in Pardew ‘head-butt’ controversy

 March 2, 2014   John Welsh

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There have been many occasions throughout the course of football history when altercations between opposing players have been rather fractious at times with claims of head-butts and subsequent over-reactions ensuing. Rarely if ever has there been a case where a footballer and a manager have exchanged such undignified actions during a top flight competitive game, […]

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